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December 2010

Major upgrade of HDDSYNC : the device is now fully compatible with laminar flows, a clean room is no longer required.

HDDSYNC can now be delivered with a specific kit allowing the device to be fully operational within a laminar flow environment.

Bulk requirements for the kit carrying HDDSYNC :

  • depth : 60 cms
  • Height : from 60 cms to 1 m
  • 45 cms wide

November 2010

A new tool has been developed specifically for Samsung 1 To HD.

May 2010

A new centring tool is developed for Seagate HD with ring-shaped spindles.

January 2010

Major ergonomy update on the device with cranks on the side (CBC), for easier process and handling (prevent any hazardous moves on the disk platters).


Up to date solution

HDDSYNC works with all HDD brands and is frequently updated Image

Check out our "updates" section. Our lab technicians regularly test HDDSYNC with the latest HDD and make any necessary adjustments. As a result, HDDSYNC remains compatible with the most recent technology

Worldwide Offer

HDDSYNC is used over the world Image

HDDSYNC has been designed for data recovery companies with complete support material in English. Phone and mail support is also provided by english-speaking after-sales representatives

Ask for the HDDSYNC service offer

Services Image

Interested to test HDDSYNC prior to a purchase ? Send us a case with a failed motor, check out the "Services" section