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Unlock FDE

InVirtuel constantly brings innovative solutions for the data recovery market, HDDSYNC is not a unique development.

Unlock FDE is a software solution used by our technicians, enabling to access data on encrypted hard drives (with the “FDE” system as Full Disk Encryption).

Success story

I just closed a case as successful on a Seagate Momentus 7200 FDE.1 (ST9250424ASG). This disc was encrypted with a password requested at the boot step (not the ATA password on Bios). Unfortunately the number of bad sectors has increased in the boot area. The client had no further access to Windows (the client already had problems on the Windows partition before …),  or to the boot partition that requires the password for unlocking the disk.

So, I started to retro-analyze this protection system and make a simple development to unlock the disk without having access terminal (because it’s also blocked) and without help of any other software (dedicated tools for firmware access do not yet solve this kind of problem).

After a significant research activity, I came up with a simple solution (called Unlock FDE) to unlock the user’s data partition “with the USER password” and directly under Windows. All the ATA commands required for this “access” are (of course) “Vendor Specific” and have no documentation available on the Web…

Eventually, I was very lucky in this case, because the disk only had bad sectors (but not that many), but it was impossible to access this disk in a conventional manner nor with advanced data recovery tools.

Demo video

YouTube Preview Image

If interested by this solution as a service, feel free to contact us for a quote…


Compatible HDD

HDDSYNC is potentially compatible with all HDD brands and any hard drive. Still, we decided to provide an updated list of all proven models, that have been tested and successfully processed with HDDSYNC.

June 2010


ST3500820AS, ST31000340AS, ST3360320AS, ST31000333AS, ST3320820A, ST35830AS, ST3360320AS, ST31500341AS


6Y120L00320011, 6B300R0061611, 6V250F0


HDT725050VLA360, HDT725040VLA360, HDT725050VLAT80



March 2010


Barracuda 7200.10 500 Gb ST3500830AS, Barracuda 7200.11 500 Gb ST3500820AS, Barracuda 7200.11 1000 Gb ST3100340AS, Barracuda LP 1,5 TB ST31500541AS, Barracuda 7200.11 1500 Gb ST31500341AS, Barracuda 7200.12 750 Gb ST3750528AS


Diamond Max plus 9 160 Gb 6Y160M0, Diamond Max 10 200 Gb 6B200P0, Diamond Max 10 300 Gb 6L300R0, Maxline II 300 Gb 5A300J0, Diamond Max 11 500 Gb 6H500R0, 6H500F0, Diamond Max 22 500 Gb 9GT154


HDT725040VLAT80 400 Gb, HDP725050GLA360 500 Gb, HDT725050VLAT80 500 Gb, HDS725050KLAT80 500 Gb, HDT721010SLA360 1 Tb


Half size : SP4002H, SP8004H, SP1604H, SP 1203N…
Full : HD320LD, HD321KJ, HD400LD, HD420LJ, HD403LJ, HD501LJ, HD502LJ

Western Digital

WD5000YS, WD5000KS, WD5000AACS, WD5000AAKS, WD5000AAVS, WD5000AAJS 500 Gb WD10EAVS-00D7B0 1 Tb WD10EACS-00ZJB0 1 Tb



December 2010

Major upgrade of HDDSYNC : the device is now fully compatible with laminar flows, a clean room is no longer required.

HDDSYNC can now be delivered with a specific kit allowing the device to be fully operational within a laminar flow environment.

Bulk requirements for the kit carrying HDDSYNC :

  • depth : 60 cms
  • Height : from 60 cms to 1 m
  • 45 cms wide

November 2010

A new tool has been developed specifically for Samsung 1 To HD.

May 2010

A new centring tool is developed for Seagate HD with ring-shaped spindles.

January 2010

Major ergonomy update on the device with cranks on the side (CBC), for easier process and handling (prevent any hazardous moves on the disk platters).



May 2010

A new centring tool is developed for Seagate HD with ring-shaped spindles.

January 2010

Major ergonomy update on the device with cranks on the side (CBC), for easier process and handling (prevent any hazardous moves on the disk platters).



Performance tests

  • February 2009 : we send Maxtor hard drives with failed motors to 7 of our main competitors as a test
  • End result : failure in the data recovery process for all of these companies
  • Which indicates that the HDDSYNC technology is an exclusive breakthrough for the data recovery business

The release of HDDSYNC by Recoveo brings a proven solution for facilitating success on seized hard drives, more specifically Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung  and Hitachi.

Possible scenarios

  • Failed motor (fall) : 60% of processed hard drives
  • Failed motor (fatigue, seize) : 35%
  • Disabled motor : 5%

Up to date solution

HDDSYNC works with all HDD brands and is frequently updated Image

Check out our "updates" section. Our lab technicians regularly test HDDSYNC with the latest HDD and make any necessary adjustments. As a result, HDDSYNC remains compatible with the most recent technology

Worldwide Offer

HDDSYNC is used over the world Image

HDDSYNC has been designed for data recovery companies with complete support material in English. Phone and mail support is also provided by english-speaking after-sales representatives

Ask for the HDDSYNC service offer

Services Image

Interested to test HDDSYNC prior to a purchase ? Send us a case with a failed motor, check out the "Services" section